Product the spot that the lamp was attached with the coil

Victor is among Fresh-Aire UV’s top HVAC wholesalers plus a renowned IAQ outlet. “They can be extremely well-educated on IAQ
at, and they are generally the go-to position for solving the air-purification challenges contractors meet each day,” Saunders said.

Partnering with Fresh-Aire UV was an outgrowth of Victor’s IAQ concentration after 2000. Barnum sought a UV products with remote ballast technology that has been easier to install as the self-contained air-cleaning products available, then, were too bulky plus much more conducive to northern HVAC systems in roomy basements. “There aren't any basements in Florida, and we all sought a much more compact air-cleaning product the spot that the lamp was attached with the coil, though the ballast may very well be flexibly installed anywhere outside of the unit in just a 6-foot area,” said Barnum, who's got three CIE employees in the catering company. “Fresh-Aire UV’s lifetime warranty on its power helped transform skeptical contractors into believers.

The market likelihood of UV LEDs is big especially in the shorter wavelengths, when we first covered within an article with a Strategies in Light presentation 2 yrs back. Already UV LEDs are widely used in longer-wavelength UV-B and UV-A bands for applications for instance curing. But the UV-C band (100-280 nm) could be the spectrum where UV LEDs can revolutionize sterilization and disinfection, the industry has struggled to offer high output power and reliability at such short wavelengths.

The SMART UV Lite’s power is remotely positioned using a 26 foot cord. This new electronic ballast is SMART enough to provide the UV lamp using the exact quantity of power it takes, no longer, no less, and as a consequence cuts costs because of efficiency. The SMART UV Ballast’s new technology also allows it to resist failure because of water damage; unlike any competing brand. More information you can view this.
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