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Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata watch for 2017 practice

 For 2017, Switzerland Ulysse Nardin updated its less well-known but powerful one of the watches, I think the final to the classic sonata left due attention. Two new models refer to 672-05 / 92 and 673-05 / 90. For many people, it was their first time to pay attention to the Ulysse Nardin Sonata, which is why. Visual design is everything. There are watches, there are incredible movements or complications that rarely see the day of the day on the wearer's wrist, because there may be something in the visual design. Sonata has been part of Ulysse Nardin's series of works for quite some time, with really compelling and unique moves, but there are also many may be enthusiastic about the design that is "weird and get".

For some people, the "original" Ulysse Nardin Sonata may be more in line with their preferences, providing an impressive style of special watchmakers who do not seem to prevent themselves from doing things. When the Kering Group acquired Ulysse Nardin (formerly privately held) in 2014, I was rightly concerned that the corporate characteristics perpetrated by its late owners, Rolf Schnyder, would be lost. Ulysse Nardin is still run by Patrik Hoffmann (a direct professor of Schnyder) who intends to maintain the direction of the brand. A single intention is not always enough to stop the idea of a large business owner who may have a very different idea of the trajectory of the new acquisition - no matter when the brand begins.Fake GaGa Diving 48MM watches

Now, about three years after Ulysse Nardin was acquired by Kering, you did see a change in brand direction and would not seriously reverse the company's real innovation. Hoffman told me that it does require considerable persuasiveness and regular communication with Kayling to allow the brand to invest and innovate according to his needs, but he is winning the sport to keep Ulysse Nardin's temperament. It is said that he acknowledges that Kering offers valuable advice and direction to help fill the brand's boutique and more products that you may see in the mainstream way beautiful. Thus, in about 2017 the Ulysse Nardin brand actually (in my opinion) is a successful story that combines the real independence of the luxury watch brand, in the modern era to keep interesting and relevant,

A great example of this valuable value is the updated sonata, which I think always has the potential, even though the visual design never makes it attractive to those seeking more elaborate designs. Ulysse Nardin classic sonata inside is a great internal production movement, known as the UN-67 caliber. The movement has a number of useful technical features, such as the silicon escapement and other parts of the adjustment system manufactured by silicon, such as patent gossamer. Automatic movement at 4Hz (28,800bph) running, power reserve for 42 hours.

In order to easily explain these complications, I would say that it provides time, a large date indicator, dual time zone with a dedicated "forward and backward" pusher, as well as a unique alarm system that combines traditional alarms with a minute Ringing combined with repeater. Please note that there is a dedicated power storage indicator on the alarm setup dial that allows you to know if the alarm spring has a power supply. All this is logically and attractively arranged on a balanced but asymmetrical

I am not a big fan of the complications of traditional mechanical alarms, because their way of sound is not particularly attractive to me - even though they have caught your attention. I recently reviewed here the updated old-fashioned re-release Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox. While visually appealing and providing a true re-creation of the mechanical movement of the traditional alarm equipment, the result of most mechanical alarm watches is a harsh vibrating sound. Yes, this noise is great, causing people's attention, but in today's era, mechanical watches should be beautiful and beautiful friends on the wrist, this is an anti-intuition. Most people who need to be alerted by warnings will undoubtedly rely on their mobile phones or other electronic devices. Mechanical alarms will be used for other pleasurable purposes.

Then the role of the Ulysse Nardin classic sonata is to completely eliminate the buzzing buzzing buzzing with the hammers, which is the same as the system used to make bells or minutes. Thus, Ulysse Nardin designed the classic sonata with the "Cathedral Gong" system alarm clock. This shows that Ulysse Nardin is not just trying to say that they are also traditional complications, and that they are like their customers like watch enthusiasts seeking to improve today's less common Fake Audemars Piguet watches

Think: the alarm clock is a practical useful complications, but in the modern mechanical watch products are very rare. Can be said to be more useful than many chronographs, but in most cases it is rare. In my opinion, this is because it sounds unpleasant, and Ulysse Nardin in the United Nations movement to solve this problem is amazing. I think they are completely successful.



In addition, the alarm clock can be set 24 hours in advance, one minute. Most of the traditional alarm can only be set up 12 hours in advance, can only use one hour hand, so they are not accurate. In order to set the alarm clock, you can equip the Ulysse Nardin classic sonata dial with a special crown and auxiliary dial, minutes, providing very effective ergonomics without learning curve. In addition, there is a convenient "on / off" switch for alarm complications. Most of the traditional alarm watches are basically "off" unless the alarm spring barrel is issued. So in addition to providing a very pleasant alarm system, Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata actually makes use of and set the alarm clock than other brands of production relative to the original competitors more Tonino Lamborghini Fake watches

All of this has been in the Ulysse Nardin series for some time function, but as I said, its design is not enough to make the movement justice. So, for 2017, Ulysse Nardin released two versions of the Ulysse Nardin classic sonata (steel and 18k rose gold), and finally gave this fantastic watch a more elaborate visual design that deserved it.

One of the questions to keep the original sang watch is that the dial design does not seem to decide whether it is a sports watch or a costume watch. This is a dress watch, the updated dial is simpler and more elegant, actually making the visual effect more effective.

Ulysse Nardin The classic version of the Sonata has a black dial and a pair of rose gold hand and decals. This is the two most cool, but I prefer to use the silver dial steel model, and because of better dial contrast and increased readability. This is more or less from the original Sonata model, which is very wear-resistant 44mm wide (with 30 meters waterproof).

Feel comfortable, with its elegant design, currently on the market with Ulysse Nardin classic sonata competition is very limited, especially at this price. If you already know Sonata and have been rejected because of the design, maybe it is time to revisit this interesting series. For other people, it is time to know Ulysse Nardin classic sonata, if a useful travel watch, a beautiful and practical chiming alarm clock sounds like an interesting feature in your high end timepiece. I even chose Ulysse Nardin classic sonata as one of the top watches of the SIHH 2017.fake Ulysse Nardin EXECUTIVE MOONSTRUCK WORLDTIMER watches

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