Corset Style Bra's Time

A 24-year-old has pocketed more than $87,000 NZD selling used pants, sanitary towels, hair and even toenail clippings to "paypig" men who get a kick out of corset style bra being exploited.

*Yasmin Night, from London, was $10,700 NZD in womens bikinis sale  debt when she turned to the online fetish market in 2016. Now, she encourages cash-strapped women to follow in her footsteps.

The former cleaner peddles her panties to men in exchange for payment of her suit underwear, household bills, furniture and designer clothing - and even luxury holidays with her boyfriend.

Yasmin, who goes by alias kandikaine, has now written a book called House of Hosiery lifting the lid on her double life in the fantasy fetish trade, which she claims includes servicing high profile celebrity clients.

She said: "I was working as a cleaner but I was tired of the way I was being treated. It was literally making me ill, I was in dire straits financially and I was sick and tired of it.

"I had heard about 'selling worn underwear online' years before, and one day I thought I would give it a go to scrape some money together until I found more work.

"The requests for items included knickers, socks and bras, but I've sold sanitary towels, urine, hair, foot shavings, bikinis and even toenails. You name it, I've sold it.

"I have sold to a few well-known individuals, but for obvious reasons I cannot name them and they wanted more than just my knickers!"

Since she began selling items online, Yasmin has banked $87,000 NZD selling pants for as much as $133 NZD per pair.
And after delving deeper into the sordid world, she found the market included much more than just what was sitting in her laundry basket.

For the last two years she has made the bulk of her income from one "paypig" man who supports her lifestyle - and even that of her partner - because he receives sexual gratification from being exploited.

But Yasmin insists the man - whose identity she will not reveal - isn't risking financial strain because she does not pressure him into doing more than he could afford.

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