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Donate underwear to Harvey victims, get wholesale halloween costumes a free cup of coffee in Cobb.If giving basic supplies to the young victims of Hurricane Harvey wasn’t encouragement enough, there’s also a cup of coffee in it for you, too.

On Saturday in Cobb County, Kennesaw Coffee Co. swimwear manufacturer China is holding a drive in conjunction with “Undies for Everyone” — a Houston-based non-profit group that has given donated underwear to at-risk students for nearly a decade.

To get the coffee Saturday, drop off a new package wholesale swimwear of underwear of any size or type at the store at 3070 N. Main St.

If the Cobb coffee company doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because this donation drive is the same day as its grand opening.

Jon Spellman, who owns the shop, said he will have a couple types of coffee ready to serve.

“Whatever we got brewed up … we’ll fix it up however they want,” he said.

Kennesaw Coffee joins many other metro Atlanta establishments donating to those affected by Harvey.

“When you’ve lost everything, sometimes it’s the little things that matter (most),” Spellman said.

The store will be giving away java from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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